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Contact info to send beanies

Mimi Quirarte

101 W. American Canyon Rd

STE 508-203

American Canyon, Ca 94503


2/7/2020 - 5/1/2020: “Every Stitch Matters”

ANNOUNCING OUR COLLABORATION WITH “Every Stitch Matters” on Facebook 

Stitch Signal: Feb. 7, Please read thoroughly

Bottom Line Up Front:

• Announcing Every Stitch Matters has teamed up with Beanies for Butte County


• Need, Deadline, Craft and Patterns for this project

Stitch Signal Friday, February 7, 2020

We are excited to announce our partnership with Mimi Angelina Beanies for Butte County! I’m sure many of you remember hearing about the horrible Camp Fire in 2018. It was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. Many people of Butte County were affected by the Campfire and they are still trying to rebuild. Mimi has personal ties to Butte County and knows how cold it can get during the Winter months, because of that she started “Beanies for Butte County”. While Mimi has enlisted her friends and FB community, she could really use the help of our amazing Every Stitch Matters crafters to help her reach her goal of 500 beanies by May 1st!

From Mimi:

“My best friend, Tamara, her twin Teri and their two brothers lost their mother, Sheila Santos to the Campfire.  I make the beanies to let others know they are not alone and to share Sheila’s memory with others. Each beanie is my way of wrapping each survivor in Sheila’s memory and keeping them warm through the cold weather and letting them know that there are people out there who care.

If you’re not familiar with the term “The Ridge” this is what locals call the mountain towns that surround the burn scar area. Places like Paradise, Magalia, Concow, Yankee Hill, Sterling City.  People from those towns evacuated to surrounding areas in Butte County 14 months ago. Although the fire has come and gone the people of “The Ridge” are still trying to rebuild their towns. Living in cars, trailers, apartments and some still standing homes.!! It’s going to be cold on “The Ridge'' until about May and I’d love to be able to continue to share Sheila’s legacy and help keep these survivors warm and know they are loved.”

Here’s a great article to read more about what Mimi is continuing to do

Need: 500 Adult knit or crochet Beanies

Deadline: May1st

Patterns: Any and all beanie patterns welcomed, but we also have a few listed on our website under Patterns>Beanies

January 2020 Updates


January 21, 2020

Join the movement today!!! Who’s up for a beanie making challenge?? I need help making #beanies for butte county #paradise #campfire survivors!!!

I’m getting requests and I don’t have any!  Our group sent 1500 beanies for free last year!! 

January 21, 2020 Call for Beanies

I challenge all beanie makers!!

Groups Mimi Runs

Beanies for Butte County Crochet/Knit Group 2020


How to make an adult beanie:

Greeting Cards for Campfire Survivors Facebook Group Link


This group is for all of us to SEND some love up to Butte County in the form of a greeting card for special occasions or just to say hi! Any addresses that are posted are pre-approved by the survivors to be shared publicly.  

Mimi’s Momentary Bliss Facebook Page


I post stories I find online that make me happy here!  It’s my way of not clogging up my personal facebook page so I can still interact with friends and family! 

DONATE For postage and yarn


Donate to the PayPal pool to help buy beanies

Ok I’ve gotten a lot of messages saying I don’t crochet or knit but I’d like to help.  You can help with postage, yarn, amazon bough beanies to keep people warm!

Thank you for the beanies

December 2019

Anyone willing and able to help make free beanies, scarves, head warmers or hand warmers for Butte County Paradise Campfire Survivors please contact me!  Cut off date for this months collection is DECEMBER 20th.

🌺Mimi 650-290-1995

Thank you for the November 9th beanies

Year to date we have collected and distributed 1100 free beanies in butte county! Let’s get some made for Christmas now! The snow is coming!


I’m posting here because I truly am humbled by the help I’ve received on trying to make 500 beanies for campfire survivors before November!! 

I am distributing these beanies on November 9th a day after the one year anniversary of the campfire.  If you can help I have 199 beanies so far and would like to see if I can collect more between now and then.  

Contact me if you can help PLEASE!! 

Love you all! 

🌺Mimi Angelina


Call for beanies

Wednesday: 10/23/19


First unpacking of beanies made by volunteers

Other Groups helping with Campfire Survivors

Butte 211 Campfire Info Page

Campfire Carpool

Butte County Fires Accidents Crimes (BCFAC)

life after disaster embrace a family: campfire

We Are Paradise Strong Facebook Group

Paradise Post News Facebook Page


Disaster Assist Team

Found Camp Fire Pet Database



Campfire Butte County Resource Group


Fire Survivor/Helper: Stephen Murray’s website

community action agency of butte county

alliance for workforce development inc.

Rebuilding Paradise Facebook Page

ChicoER News Facebook Page

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